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サクラノチカイ まろに★え~る 東の飛鳥・下野市にえーる!

Maronieru hop around Shimotsuke-city energetically!


Shimotsuke-city of Tochigi Pref. is calles as “East Asuka”.
One day, a man who named “Shimono Komaro” appear in front of Marroni-yell suddenly.
He is an excellent historical figure from Shimotsuke-city who was active in the central government, such as being deeply involved in the edition of the Taiho Ritual in an era when local people became an official in a central government.
His purpose to visit there is to look for his promise “Sakura”, and to fulfill the promise with her.

At that time, Komaro found a girl Ruri Urita she is alike Sakura as two peas in a pod.
In search of Sakura, Komaro start going around various places in the city with Ruri and her friends.
Is he real Komaro came from the Asuka era? Can he find Sakura and fullfill the promise?
A timeless love story have just begun…

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スペシャル コンテンツ

  • 幸せなまち下野市を守れ!
  • まろに☆え~る・サクラノチカイ